New York Area Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery

Laser Hair Removal

Laser hair removal is one of the most popular cosmetic procedures to eliminate unwanted hair from the face and the body.

At AH Plastic Surgery, we use the laser hair removal technology available effectively, quickly, safely, and remove unwanted hair from the body.

Because your hair grows in different growth cycles on different areas of your body, multiple treatments are needed. Following the completion of a successful treatment, the regrowth can be significantly reduced.

During the treatment, a laser is directed onto the target area to eliminate the hair. The laser will not damage any of the surrounding skin or tissue.

Depending on the skin type, laser hair removal treatments are performed with a span of four to 4-6 weeks. Most often, 6-12 treatments are needed for long-term results. The laser does not damage any of the surrounding skin or tissue.

You’ll enjoy outstanding hair removal results in the fewest number of laser treatments. No messy gels or expensive numbing creams required. Laser hair removal treatments are quick, with little or no discomfort.