Dr. Hiyad Al-Husaini

1783 Madison Avenue  |  New York, NY 10029  |  P: (914) 776-0505  |  F: (914) 274-8120

New York Area Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery

Welcome to board certified plastic surgeon, Dr. Hiyad Al-Husaini. Dr. Al-Husaini practices both plastic and reconstructive surgery in the New York City area with attention and diligence. Dr. Al-Husaini's goal is for every patient to look and feel their best, and takes a "safety first" approach with every procedure.

Dr. Al-Husaini recognizes that knowledge, time, and careful thought are needed before committing to a permanent change. She will take the time to provide the necessary details and complete disclosure to ensure that every patient makes an informed decision.

We welcome you to browse this website for more information on cosmetic and reconstructive surgery. Read what Dr. Al-Husaini's patients say about their own personal cosmetic surgery procedures by visiting the Testimonials Page. See photos of results achieved by Dr. Husaini's actual cosmetic surgery patients by visiting our Before and After Gallery.

Dr. Al-Husaini's practice serves the Manhattan and Yonkers New York areas. Contact us to arrange your consultation today.

Member of American Society of Plastic Surgeons

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